Παρασκευή, 31 Ιουλίου 2009

I am that woman

I am that woman

I am the woman you cannot stand
I am the woman you cannot part
I am the woman who will fuck your brains up
I am the woman who will make you love
I am the woman who will make you so mad you’ll forget your name
I am the woman who your mother will love
I am the woman who will make your mates laugh
I am the woman who will make you speak all night
I am the woman who will make you go ballistic
I am the woman who will annoy you all the time
I am the woman who you’ll find irresistibly cute
I am the woman who will make you forget what you do
I am the woman who you’ll spend all day in the bed with
I am the woman who will make passionate love like a beast
I am the woman who will get you out of control
I am the woman who will make you lose your soul
I am the woman who you will accept defeat to
I am the woman who will make you sad when I leave the room
I am the woman who will drive you crazy when we meet
I am the woman who you’ll want to sit all night and stare me sleep
I am the woman who you’ll hate and love
And I am the woman who you’ll never f***ing forget!

…and you know it’s all true….

Πέμπτη, 30 Ιουλίου 2009

The Heart of Battle

The Heart of Battle

Heart! Oh, my foolish heart
Full of folly and despair
Always so quick to judge
Always so quick to care

Thy ruin will be your hollow sorrow
Thy fall will be your graceful hope
For passion reins your darkness
And misery sickens your white thoughts

The stars always promise blissful lies
And gave to thee the Furies’ glorious Might
But taken away thy celestial plans
And left thee stranded I dry lands

Forever false, forever worse, my Lord!
For my petty spiteful soul has lost
For dogging myself to thy door I refuse
Thus creating a majestic canyon between us two

This wholesome disintegration of mine
Pleases your sadist soul
For ‘tis worthier for me to tear to death
Rather for thee to shamelessly for me to suffer

The day will come, my Lord o’ Spite!
When all this will stand on pause in fright
And the white steeds will rise in me
To tear thy infliction of shame towards me

In all this love I cease to believe
In thy honour I cease to give in
This hell awakened in my darkness
Arms my will to break these chains of steel

The clouds are gathering around my soul
Warning my rotten skin in this hollow snow
To strengthen and heat up
For this battle will explode our universe hard!

Τρίτη, 28 Ιουλίου 2009

…this Night speaks…

…this Night speaks…

A lonely sky again shudders in my thoughts
And holds me tight in my own ghostly doors
Like a whore strutting here and there
Always yearning for simple nothings that are unreal

Then this illusion of grey happiness appears
And for that tiny moment you pause and ponder:
‘May be, maybe this is the bliss meant for me
This time, yes, maybe, I can taste the ripe cherries of the west’

All these black ideas suddenly twirl in the hellish pit
Blasting you up in a Moorish heat
All flamed up and peeling of your chameleon skin
You stumble away from this battle of thieves

My poor sweet Achilles, you shall break your knees again
Only this time there will only be a scorching light at the end
Thus the more your efforts accelerate the more you must accept defeat
For this hope is only but a false pretence of thy mind amiss

Forget the day the stars schemed for thy celestial birth
And fire up the arms that will prepare you for the fateful end
Soldier up and gather all thy Mighty will that is still asleep
For fields will soon be swept by the heated blood of vanity

My friend, my dear companion of this heart
Fear not of the dark alleyways that lurk in the lonely City
But take them on as they come from here and on
And turn to your Mother ‘Moon’ and smile for what’s to come!

Σάββατο, 25 Ιουλίου 2009

Ακολασίες μιας Άσπρης Οχιάς

Ακολασίες μιας Άσπρης Οχιάς

…Και το λοιπόν πως ήρθες στο Γαλάζιο Μέγαρο
Και λοιπόν; Πες μου μάγισσα εσύ τι είδες στο μικρό ναό
Πολλά ξενόφερτα μάγια και μπουγιούμια σε κέντρισαν
Και μακριά από νεκροφόρες και νυχτερίδες σε πήραν

Έλα μαζί μου στου Αιγαίου το μαύρο και αφέσου
Πάρε τα δρακόντεια μαλλιά μου και επάνω τους καρφώσου
Να νιώσεις της αστάθειας την ασφάλεια του Πατέρα Ήλιου μας
Και να φτύσεις το αίμα που σε γέννησε στο αταξίδευτο μακελειό μας

Σκόρπιες λέξεις και αποβλακωμένα βλέμματα να χορεύουνε στα βουνά επάνω
Και με μια απαίσια λύτρωση να σε κοιτάει κατάματα με την ανηθικότητα σα πάγος
Να καθοδηγά τη κάθε της λευκή αμαρτία στα πέτρινα σκαλιά
Και κανείς να μη τολμά να ουρλιάξει τη φαρμακερή στριγκλιά

Μάθε να πονάς στα μονοπάτια του σκοτεινού Θεάτρου
Στα Παρίσια να γυρνάς με αδέσποτες σκέψεις του Θανάτου
Κράτα τη βλακεία πιο κοντά γιατί είναι πιο γλυκιά
Απ’ όλες εκείνες τις φιλοσοφημένες χρωματιστές πίπες της αμάθειας

Πέσε να κλάψεις λοιπόν μιας και είδες το φώς των πάντων
Και εάν σκεφτείς πως ο αγώνας δεν αξίζει λοιπόν
Κρύψε στης μοίρας τα οδύσσεια λάθη της καρδιάς
Για ν’ αφήσεις τα πουλιά του μυαλού να πετάξουν στην ερημιά της ξενιτιάς

Άνοιξε το μυαλό διάπλατα και φίλησε το καφέ το πάτωμα σου
Μην προτρέξει η καρδιά και πάλι για του αυθορμητισμού την γλυκιά μιλιά
Σαν σειρήνα που πλέκει τραγούδια του σκοτεινού γιαλού
μην την αφήσεις να σε δώσει χωρίς την έγκριση του Άλλου σ’ εαυτού

Και πες μου λοιπόν εσύ τώρα μικρή μου κολασμένη Μάγισσα
Που προστάζεις του πέντε αλύτρωτους ανέμους της ψυχής
Πως άραγε να νιώθεις σαν έσφαζαν τα παχουλά κριάρια
Της κοινωνίας ετούτης της Αθάνατης και μαγευτικά ψυχρής;

Σαν θα χτυπιέσαι λοιπόν Κίτρινη μου Μήδεια
Εκεί στις Μαύρες Αλμυρές Φωτιές
Να καταπιείς της Λήθης σου τη Μοίρα
Και ποτέ σου μη κοιτάξεις τις Άθλιες Γήινες Σκοπιές....

Τρίτη, 21 Ιουλίου 2009

...The Dawn of Azazel....

People….yes, people of old people of new
They all mingle up in a harshness so very true
They drip sweetness but indeed poison lurks
They melt your insides with the arsenic in their hands

Blow them away, blow them all
For they are the very black source of your downfall
Call them your angels and see what you’ll get
Another nightmare with them dancing on your midnight bed

Pray, they always will charm you with honeyed words
They’ll always sway you like a mortal bee in a garden
But be forewarned dear friend for chaos looms in this land
Where fiends and foes of any kind play hide and seek in parts of old

They will mangle and eat you up alive in your little nested cave
For all they look for is your blackened liver for their hollow dinner
Do not be frightened brave babe, only look thee up to the witch mountain
The only place to be guided by to make thy entrance to people’s dark skies

Like vultures they will haunt your grizzly heart down
And they will seek to destroy your passion to the ground
Like a Russian bear you shall awaken in the mists
And trail your journey to the end of their heat

Beat them and massacre their foul false words
For they mean none of them, these children of Hecuba
Award them with grief and pain and sorrow
And rest thy cold, golden heart in the island of the lost away land

Bear them no words of sweet and measured rhymes
For they deserve but venality and cold asininity in their face
No poems to butter up their small-town minds
Andh no love for tee, my lonely child for the world ahead

Hold thy guilt, and feel none of it no more
‘tis too pitiful an act, to built on any feelings of kindness for them
For they have stole and broken thy pearly future in two
And looked back no more for thy black hole was withered and bruised

For shame! Thoust will not feel any remorse for these lowly peeps
Which tarnished you up like monsters in the dark city of Thebes
Beware thy mercy and hide thy humanity
For this is the starte of your war with this Endless reality!

Δευτέρα, 20 Ιουλίου 2009

The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Part I

On either side the river lie
Long fields of barley and of rye,
That clothe the wold and meet the sky;
And thro' the field the road runs by
To many-tower'd Camelot;
And up and down the people go,
Gazing where the lilies blow
Round an island there below,
The island of Shalott.

Willows whiten, aspens quiver,
Little breezes dusk and shiver
Thro' the wave that runs for ever
By the island in the river
Flowing down to Camelot.
Four gray walls, and four gray towers,
Overlook a space of flowers,
And the silent isle imbowers
The Lady of Shalott.

By the margin, willow veil'd,
Slide the heavy barges trail'd
By slow horses; and unhail'd
The shallop flitteth silken-sail'd
Skimming down to Camelot:
But who hath seen her wave her hand?
Or at the casement seen her stand?
Or is she known in all the land,
The Lady of Shalott?

Only reapers, reaping early
In among the bearded barley,
Hear a song that echoes cheerly
From the river winding clearly,
Down to tower'd Camelot:
And by the moon the reaper weary,
Piling sheaves in uplands airy,
Listening, whispers " 'Tis the fairy
Lady of Shalott."

Part II

There she weaves by night and day
A magic web with colours gay.
She has heard a whisper say,
A curse is on her if she stay
To look down to Camelot.
She knows not what the curse may be,
And so she weaveth steadily,
And little other care hath she,
The Lady of Shalott.

And moving thro' a mirror clear
That hangs before her all the year,
Shadows of the world appear.
There she sees the highway near
Winding down to Camelot:
There the river eddy whirls,
And there the surly village-churls,
And the red cloaks of market girls,
Pass onward from Shalott.

Sometimes a troop of damsels glad,
An abbot on an ambling pad,
Sometimes a curly shepherd-lad,
Or long-hair'd page in crimson clad,
Goes by to tower'd Camelot;
And sometimes thro' the mirror blue
The knights come riding two and two:
She hath no loyal knight and true,
The Lady of Shalott.

But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror's magic sights,
For often thro' the silent nights
A funeral, with plumes and lights
And music, went to Camelot:
Or when the moon was overhead,
Came two young lovers lately wed:
"I am half sick of shadows," said
The Lady of Shalott.

Part III

A bow-shot from her bower-eaves,
He rode between the barley-sheaves,
The sun came dazzling thro' the leaves,
And flamed upon the brazen greaves
Of bold Sir Lancelot.
A red-cross knight for ever kneel'd
To a lady in his shield,
That sparkled on the yellow field,
Beside remote Shalott.

The gemmy bridle glitter'd free,
Like to some branch of stars we see
Hung in the golden Galaxy.
The bridle bells rang merrily
As he rode down to Camelot:
And from his blazon'd baldric slung
A mighty silver bugle hung,
And as he rode his armour rung,
Beside remote Shalott.

All in the blue unclouded weather
Thick-jewell'd shone the saddle-leather,
The helmet and the helmet-feather
Burn'd like one burning flame together,
As he rode down to Camelot.
As often thro' the purple night,
Below the starry clusters bright,
Some bearded meteor, trailing light,
Moves over still Shalott.

His broad clear brow in sunlight glow'd;
On burnish'd hooves his war-horse trode;
From underneath his helmet flow'd
His coal-black curls as on he rode,
As he rode down to Camelot.
From the bank and from the river
He flash'd into the crystal mirror,
"Tirra lirra," by the river
Sang Sir Lancelot.

She left the web, she left the loom,
She made three paces thro' the room,
She saw the water-lily bloom,
She saw the helmet and the plume,
She look'd down to Camelot.
Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
"The curse is come upon me," cried
The Lady of Shalott.

Part IV

In the stormy east-wind straining,
The pale yellow woods were waning,
The broad stream in his banks complaining,
Heavily the low sky raining
Over tower'd Camelot;
Down she came and found a boat
Beneath a willow left afloat,
And round about the prow she wrote
The Lady of Shalott.

And down the river's dim expanse
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance--
With a glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.
And at the closing of the day
She loosed the chain, and down she lay;
The broad stream bore her far away,
The Lady of Shalott.

Lying, robed in snowy white
That loosely flew to left and right--
The leaves upon her falling light--
Thro' the noises of the night
She floated down to Camelot:
And as the boat-head wound along
The willowy hills and fields among,
They heard her singing her last song,
The Lady of Shalott.

Heard a carol, mournful, holy,
Chanted loudly, chanted lowly,
Till her blood was frozen slowly,
And her eyes were darken'd wholly,
Turn'd to tower'd Camelot.
For ere she reach'd upon the tide
The first house by the water-side,
Singing in her song she died,
The Lady of Shalott.

Under tower and balcony,
By garden-wall and gallery,
A gleaming shape she floated by,
Dead-pale between the houses high,
Silent into Camelot.
Out upon the wharfs they came,
Knight and burgher, lord and dame,
And round the prow they read her name,
The Lady of Shalott.

Who is this? and what is here?
And in the lighted palace near
Died the sound of royal cheer;
And they cross'd themselves for fear,
All the knights at Camelot:
But Lancelot mused a little space;
He said, "She has a lovely face;
God in his mercy lend her grace,
The Lady of Shalott."

~Alfred Lord Tennyson~

Juvenile Heart Recalls

Juvenile Heart Recalls

I try to recall thy touch…
The first time I laid my wilful eyes upon yours
To bring back the feeling of our first yearn-full glimpse

My young heart jumps in the sight of thy withered one
And falls on your brave brutality of desperate longing
Close me in thy wretched arms and kiss me passionately this morning

I know it is my own folly, my human error of falling
But how can I deprive the desires of my heart
With what strength and power can I battle against this cold hard blast

Thy serpent’s eyes have skewered my inner core
Took the key of darkness and locked away its ghastly secrets
And never will you let it unfold to the eyes of dawn

The pearly shade of you has covered the sky in a dark dress
And blown thy honesty in thy windowless cave
You smashed and cracked my juvenile bones for a penny’s worth

A fool of fortune for jumping with my silly heart
And a wiser fool of destiny for storming out this night of love
Did not even realize when thy hands slipped away mine in a flash

Away my honeyed demon! You have dazzled me so with your golden heart
But I’ll be damned if I let thy winds blow my tarnished heart like a withered glass
For ‘tis time my black love, ‘tis time for us to bid our paths an end and part…

I shall always treasure the wisdom and endearment
That guided us through the sheets of mental lovemaking
For they will always blend my reality into a mortal blissful making

Go thee right, go me left...
Wipe the guilty tears we bothe have shed
And on this day smile for ever till our souls glimpse at each other, again!

…Εκείνη η Στιγμή… (1590 μ.Χ.)

…Εκείνη η Στιγμή…

(1590 μ.Χ.)

...Σκορπισμένα χαλίκια στην άμμο χορεύουν σαν κεριά
Και η αναίδεια κάποιου εραστή παραμονεύει σα σκιά
Τόσα δάκρυα, τόσος εκφοβισμός της ψυχής
Για μια στιγμή που απλά δεν υπήρξε ποτέ

Η πάλη και η επιμονή θα καθοδηγούν τον χαμένο εραστή
Για να βρει όλα όσα το Φεγγάρι του υποσχέθηκε
Και για όλα όσα ο Σκοτεινός Ήλιος του εστέρησε

Θα ιδρώσει κάτω απ’ τον ίσκιο της νυχτιάς
Σαν ετοιμάζει την ατσάλινη του τη καρδιά
Θα τη πλάση από φωτιά κι’ ατσάλι
Και θα έχει πάντοτε τον Ήφαιστο να τον προσέχει από τη ζάλη

Ετούτος ο μίζερος εραστής της νύχτας
Θα οπλιστεί με τις φοβέρες της Μητέρας νύχτας
Και σα θα απλώσει τα πλοκάμια του στο φως
Θα σκεπάσει με μπρίο τη καρδιά του σαν ωκεανός

Αρκετά εθρήνησε τη χαμένη εκείνη τη μικρή στιγμή
Και πίσω δε γυρνά σε μια καρδιά που ποτέ δε τον λησμόνησε η τρελή
Μα τώρα που θα ξεχυθεί και θα βρεθεί σαν άγριος ιππότης στης νύχτας τη σιγή
Θα λιώσει κα θα αναγεννηθεί για την Χρυσαφιά Αυγή

Θα λερωθεί ξανά με το αίμα των ασώτων
Και σα πουλί της Αυγής θα παλέψει για το καλό των ανθρώπων
Εκείνων, που σαν ορίστηκε από ψηλά, τον αγάπησαν χωρίς μιλιά
Μονάχα του σκούπισαν τα αίματα απ’ το πρόσωπο με τη μαύρη τους ποδιά

Έλα τώρα και συ Άρχοντα των Δέκα Θαλασσών
Κι’ αγκάλιασε ετούτο το παιδί
Που σαν εξέφυγε απ’ τη μωρουδιακή του κούνια
Έγειρε τις πλάτες του στη σφαγή των Δέκα Λύκων

Μα μέσα απ’ τις Αστραπές εφάνει
Σαν ηλιαχτίδα ζωηρή επροτοπήδηξε στο Βασίλειο του Τρίτωνα
Και με τη βέργα τη γερή συλλάβισε με μια γροθιά στο στόμα:

«Εγώ, χαμένος εραστής κι’ ιππότης της οργής, ήρθα για να μείνω
Μες το Χάος ετούτο το ανθρώπινο τη μαυρίλα να ξεπλύνω
Και πάντα θα με καθοδήγα η Μάνα μου η Γαία
Στων εχθρών μου τη σκιά η δικαίωση θα πέσει σα μάχαιρα»

Ετούτα είπε ο εραστής κι’ αγάπησε εκείνη τη στιγμή
Που τόσο εποθούσε κ’ άρπαζε μ’ οργή από τα μικρά αστέρια
Πως πλέον σαν έβγαινε στης Μέρας τη Φωνή
Δε θα ετερμάτιζε της ψυχής του το Ασημί ταξίδι...

Σάββατο, 18 Ιουλίου 2009

The Child Bird

What are you doing?
'I know not', the child exclaims peevishly
But in it's white heart all has gone dark
For this moment was the truest of all

Forget the past my poor son
And let go with thy tiny dovy wings
and flow like a spontaneous river into the night

Blow your hair into the sunstreaks of the wind
Chuckle a rosy smiley for the mist
Follow the clouds' windowy feast of sunlight

Breathe and be alive for your new unwanted life
Do not regret for stepping over your milestone right
For 'twill always be the day you saw the Light!

Πέμπτη, 16 Ιουλίου 2009

...Ένα Αντίο...

Σε παραδίνω στα δεσμά της λήθης...
Φύγε μακριά απο τη σκιά και το πόνο το δικό μου

Δε μένει τίποτα για να ζήσουμε μαζί...

Είσαι ελεύθερος να πλέεις σε πελάγη φωτός

Γιατί η δική μου η καρδιά είναι γεμάτη εγωισμό
Πέτα ψηλά, πουλί ονειρικό...χάσου στο όμορφο άγνωστο

Μα να' χεις πάντα κατά νου πως ένα κομμάτι μου

Θα συντροφεύει πάντα το παθιασμένο σου μυαλό...

Αντίο καπετάνιε της μοναδικής ψυχής...
Πέτα και για μένα ένα βότσαλο στο σύμπαν της σιγής...

The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice

~...I can't take my mind off of you...~

Fleeting Voice Silently Talks

No penetration of prickly flesh has crossed my field
And unwonted thirst has quench in my rocky throat
Silence of you has unleashed the madness in here
And patience has fled within me altogether like a sparrow

Banishment from ones home is a cruel pain in the heart
Banishment from ones heart is a knife in the dark
Failed forced tries have made me bleed in this wretched place
For all that was told to do before I could breathe in my own space

Oh!, bitter, bitter exile you seek mortals to torment
For they are weakly and petty thieves of confidence in the night
Suckling your flower of honey like an unwilling bee will prick
And fall into thy command with no word of sigh

Memory has fled for the unknown below
And taken you with me in my lava affair
Immunisation has abnormalized the reality of the lair
And skinned this silky woven life of the whore

Methinks that velvet wine has blinded thy purpose
Whilst pigs voyage to a trough, you travel in thy sleep so wondrous
Blasting the new and miraculous tale of youth
And shaming away for miserably wanting the juvenile truth

Hold your tongue, swift-footed Achilles of mind
Make words shame at your fleeting disguise
And play amongst the stars that guide you so again
Whilst pain will hide in your blackened bosom in the end

No more will thy folk tales will charm this damsel
Since reason has inhabited her maiden’s head
And left no trace of your hurricane self
Thus growing stronger in her puss for another Bright end

Τετάρτη, 15 Ιουλίου 2009

The Indigo Lamentation

The Indigo Lamentation

Cannot voice what is utterly mine
The celestial star has run and hide
Beyond its glorious Mother Moon
For its heart beats ever so soon

Like Ariande sat and wept beyond those black shores
I seek for thee in the morrow to gleam on my face anon
This so called mortal life of yours has parted our yearning souls
And betrayed my desires for a glorious passion in a drop of snow

Like a babe cries for coloured trinkets
My curiosity has awakened in the silence
And a longing so bright as a starry night
Cannot abide by your mouth’s honeyed might

You are the sinned saint my heart was craving for
And in this darkness I have found thee wholesome
But yet we cannot touch for your presence is emblazoned in my mind
And love’s allure forbade me to travel in thy core by this night

Thy glory needs not polishing on its sides
For ‘twas long been glittering in its disguise
Like a babe I’d nurture thee in my fiery bosom
And learn with thee for love and freedom

Thy light burns my soul with its eternal flame
And I cannot detach from it no more as ‘tis too late
A little guidance through this labyrinth of intellect
Has come and rooted in my heart for all effect

No hate no misery and darkness I wish for thee
Only holy mercy and delight to comfort thee
I beseech you well in all thy future endeavours, holy sinner
And prithee bid me fare well for my empty winter

The eternal damned ‘tis I
Bound to suffer in light’s silenced eye
And what was lost in thee is reborn again by Father Sun
Yet ‘twill always disregard my Mother’s Moonlight heart

The tales you softly writ in my ears have faded like a black chant
And only bitter rhymes took a replacement in my life
But ho!, behold, I dare not give thee up
For a luscious thirst cannot unfasten my will

Holy sunrise has hold of thee again
And I must say my adieus in the shores of pain
Forget me not dear prince of old
For in thee I buried a part of my indigo soul…

Κυριακή, 12 Ιουλίου 2009

The Moment of Sin

Out of the darkness you fall and spit
And into the sorrows you smile and weep
Amongst the sea of blackness you gaze at the lonesome ship
That buries inside you a longing so sinfully sweet

To carry you there into the Abyss unknown
To melt your pure golden hair into the horrors below
You stretch your hands gracefully with a bow
And make sure your eyes glitter in the hellish snow

Mark your entrance in the sea of Larva
Bless your washed-out flesh with new found hopes
And make your way there into the Monsters amongst us
Whilst whishing you could bleed your heart out from all the sorrows

Coughing and screaming for that blindly pain
Which the sweet odour of the Fruit was offered in your Pinkish gaze
The moment you hungrily stepped your flesh into the Holy Sin
The ground stood tall to make sure that Hell was Deep

My poor human soul! You feel anew..
Into this dark trick of Monsters in Blue
And like a wicked white Soul you slept in Temptation’s arms
And all the red fields cannot let you escape from the world Downwards!

Η Απογοήτευσης της Αγνής

Η Απογοήτευσης της Αγνής

Και πάλι σαν κύκνος μοναχός στέκεσαι στη κορυφή
Εκείνη που σε γέννησε η αμαρτωλή αυγή
Κι ουρλιάζεις κάτω από τον ίσκιο της με τρεμάμενη φωνή
Μα κανένας δεν ακούει την βουβαμένη σου κραυγή

Όλα άλλαξαν σου είχε πει ο Σοφός μάγος κείνη τη νυχτιά
Να μη φοβάσε ν’ αγαπήσεις τη κρύα τη ζωή άλλο πια
Γιατί σαν πέσουν οι γιγάντιες ψιχάλες στα γερασμένα σου μαλλιά
Θα μπορείς και πάλι να κοιτάς τον Ουρανό με μάτια καθαρά

Άλλο να μη στέκεσαι κ να μοιρολογάς σα Μαύρη Χήρα
Γιατί και πάλι έπεσες σα θύμα σα κριάρι στων ανθρώπων την απάτη
Και με το που έδωσες αγάπη εκείνοι οι Άθλιοι σου έκοψαν την χείρα
Και όλα σε μια στιγμή έσταξαν πόνο και δάκρυ για όλα τα ξεχασμένα λάθη

Πληρωμένα συναισθήματα τρέχουν στους αδιέξοδους δρόμους
Και σα μανιασμένα κοράκια σε τρέχουν από πίσω με καταδικασμένους κόπους
«Αφήστε το συκώτι μου!, να ησυχάσει πια,» έκραζες μες τους υπονόμους
Και όλα γύρω βυθίζονταν στις Αναγέννησης του χρόνου

Έλα και σε με Πολύ-Χαρη Αντιγόνη
Και μαζί θα’ μαστε μαζί στου Άδη την γαμήλιο βραδιά
Και σα πέφτουν οι λάβες στο σκοτάδι
Θα μελετούμε του μέλλοντος την πονηριά

Και πάλι σα κύκνος μοναχός κλαις κι’ οδύρεσαι στη κορυφή
Εκείνη εκεί που ο Δάντης δολοφονούσε με μάτι σα γυαλί
Κι ο Ουρανός επλάκωσε με μαύρους κύκλος τη μικρή Αγνή
Και κατασπάραξε κάθε ίχνος από το μικρό Αγγελικό κορμί

Όλα μοιάζουν να χουν βουβαθεί
Και σε κηδεία Θεϊκή
Έχουν σωρευτεί οι Άγγελοι οι Σκοτεινοί
Να πουν Αντίο στη Παρθένα Αγνή!

Παρασκευή, 10 Ιουλίου 2009

Μικρό Φαράγγι

Μικρό Φαράγγι

Τ’ αντίθετα τοξάκια κατάκλυσαν τη ζωή μου
Και σαν παιδί πονηρό με μάτια που φέγγουν
Θα πέσω στην αγκαλιά του ανθρώπινου δράκοντα μου
Και σαν χρυσάφι θα κοιτά για τρία μερόνυχτα τα δάκρυα σα πέφτουν

Σαν ένα σπουργίτι θα κλειστώ
Κι’ εγώ μέσα στη καινούργια μου σπηλιά
Και θ’ αφήσω και πάλι τη καρδιά
Να δεχτεί τα πιο πικραμένα «Σ’ αγαπώ!»

Ναρκωμένα Βότσαλα

Ναρκωμένα Βότσαλα

Πέτρινοι δίαυλοι σκεπάζουν την ήπειρο των Βασιλιάδων
Και όλα τα σκοτεινά μονοπάτια τρέμουν στο πέρασμα των υδάτινων αλόγων
Βράζουν τα ποτάμια των αρρωστημένων μυαλών
Και βάφονται με αίμα τα στομάχια των μικρών θνητών

Μορφίνη πλέει σαν πετιμέζι μες το γλυκόξινο κορμί
Και δίνει τη γαλήνη μιας λευκής ψευδαίσθησης
Τρέχουν και δε φτάνουν του Ιπποκράτη τα παιδιά
Και με ζήλο και απάτη προσφέρουν την αρρωστημένη τους σκιά

Χωλαίνει ο τόπος της υγείας
Και γίνεται η ελπίδα καημός
Κι’ ο καρχαρίας της θυρίδας
Με μαχαίρια και βρισιές «βοηθάει» σαν τρελός

Ράθυμοι και ψεύτες σ’ έναν πίσσα παιχνιδότοπο
Ψέλνουν με έκσταση την αφθονία του Μεγάλου Αρχηγού
Τρέμει και οδύρεται η Αθώα Περσεφόνη
Και πριν βρεθεί κι' αυτή στη κόλαση ψαλμωδίες ξεγυμνώνει

Πέφτουν τ’ αστεράκια στις σάρκες του Θείου Θαύματος
Και ξεσκίζει με μανία τη πηγή του Λευκού Χάους
Μα όσο και να κλαίνε σαν βότσαλα τραυματισμένα
Στη δύνη και την απελπισία θα ουρλιάζουν πάντα για βοήθεια τα καημένα

«Έλα εδώ, να γευτείς τη ζεστασιά και τη γαλήνη», είχε πει γλυκά η άσχημη Αδελφή
Μα όλο πόνο και σκατά έσταξε σαν έκλεισε η πέτρινη πόρτα με πυγμή
Τώρα μένει μόνο η πίστη και η θέληση της μοναξιασμένης θολής ψυχής
Να φύγει απ’ τη σκιά και να ξαναρχίσει τη ζωή στη Νέα Αυγή!

Τετάρτη, 8 Ιουλίου 2009

We Are The World

~ A song that will transcend in Time~

Personal Effects

Personal Effects

You gaze into that lonely grey mirror
Biting your lips like a chicken bites its wings
Flashing fragments of that plastic past
Looking through your night-gaggles for that all time love

Strangers among you high speed from your life
Leaving a pitch black pit for all those things you once so bravely lost
Anger and spite fill you up for all the ignorants that crash you by
Grunting your teeth and smelling your tears in the misty heat of the Lost Soul

Hush, your reconstructed life
And speechless you stand in front of that expecting crowd
People fast forward your feelings for a bit of quiet
And the buzzing in your ears won’t shut up

Blunt eyes and crazed heart beat like an African drum
Mothers and Sons are passing through the Father Sun
Muted and flustered for all the consumed unliberated time
You sneak and peak behind those empty unwanted bars

Random Souls thrown into a game of plain pain of Un-Salvation
But a white prayer won’t save the eternally slayed
Clocking speedy days pass you by cracking your knees for that preparation
Wishing for one glimpse of a Justified Day

~inspired by the title film ‘Personal Effects’~

Κυριακή, 5 Ιουλίου 2009

Evanescene - My Immortal

My Immortal - Evanescene

....for my mother....

The Sunday Call

The Sunday Call

Afraid you are, my love?
My soul prayed for your shinning path
I yield myself into your loving arms
For tomorrow what holds no one knows

Frustration and anger have spurred into thy life
Fear and longing for all the things left behind
And a cry for help in the bright New dark
Will save you from drowning your sorrow from that blast

Dosed and undosed you stutter away
Existence and non-existence swim in your bluish veins
Trying to expose the earthly skin beneath
And fight the monsters of medicine in your sleep

I promised you clouds of white and skies of quiet
I heard you heartbeat drum away in the gold sunset
And I fought bravely for the future of light in you
Blooming ahead like a pearly cloud in a world so true

Standing strong together as one
Holding on with hands gripping so hard
And whilst glowing tears fall from thy face
I carry you on with that eternal smile on our fate

The warmth and the guidance cannot let this heart of me go
And they beat like a tambourine in the misty glow
I came from the Glorious Womb of the Soul of Gold
And take its essence with me wherever this Earth may lead me to go…

With you, always I promised my heart
With you I’ll be, no never apart
Together will beat, the storms and the dark clouds at hand
Forever and ever, we’ll soar like Eagles in your Pearly House Above...

...for my mother...

Παρασκευή, 3 Ιουλίου 2009

Μικρό Απαγορευμένο


Στέκομαι στη μέση ενός τυφώνα
Βλέπω άνεμους να στροβιλίζουν όλη την ανθρώπινη ύλη
Μπροστά στα διψασμένα μάτια μου

Ένοχα αισθήματα για την ανακατασκευή μιας άθλιας αλήθειας
Τόξα σημαδεύουνε τα άστοχα αιτήματα μιας ξεπεσμένης ήττας

Άχαρε Τυφώνα, που με κάνεις σβούρες για τον δικό σου κορεσμό
Οι γρατζουνιές εβύθισαν το πλήγμα τους
Και εγώ χορεύω μες το αίμα τους σαν όπλο της σαρκός


The Goodbye Friend

The Goodbye Friend

A shadow of my lowly past
A fire in the sky flew beyond thy heart

There you were; a Dark Angel opening your arms
The day that mine eyes crossed paths with yours
The sun fled for another world

You came; you saw; you abandoned…
With fruits delight you feasted on my soul
Offering me glimmering gold and shinning cattle

Handed me over to the pearly skies of knowledge
And holding thy hands firmly close to mine

You did not let go for a while;
But behold; Winters came and with them a hole interred
You slowly crawled away in your cave of stone
And looked back at me no more

What once was friends like wine of old
You chose to loosen the tightest grip of all

Now my Dark Angel, alone we bothe shall flee
For this Doomed Diamond Earth holds no morrow for thee
I wish and prayed on my ghostly shadow to be reborn
But your stone of soul could be pricked no more

I utter a word of silence in your joyful nuptials;
Adieu!, once worthy friend and foe
May blessed be the day of our departure
May blessed be our gaze of our rapture

Nothing to be shed from the eyes of the eternal damned
Only a promise to remember the dark lost one…

~...for a dear old one who stayed away...~

Τετάρτη, 1 Ιουλίου 2009

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

...just listen...it's worth it!

A Little Dark Passage

A Little Dark Passage

Little heaven of white lies
All around beautiful people with dark eyes
Old age swims in the insanity of the eternal damned
And the poor souls all scattered in a pool of blood

“You are the chosen ones”
Or so we were told
But the sky could not content
The inhuman vanity at hand

When the prophecy awakens it will spill its claws
And mankind shall weep forever more
No more sordid tales for the passive ones
Only justice from the Lady of Life

Tears will bleed as the skies will split in half
And the forum of darkness shall gaze once more on the pale stars
The moon shall glow in the obscurity of Man
And its ghastly glitter shall nail the wrong-doers in their tombs

It will be either Flight or Flight once more
And then only the few will taste the Rest and Digest of the House Above
The sinners will bow to the Calling of the Sun
And the believers will resume their Eternal Glow

I fought for this Day; I tried not to bleed at all
I marked the Ending as a Hopeful Fall
But the dull face of the Moon has stricken my Calls
And hid away from my human ungrateful wants

Mother Sun and Father Moon will guide us through
The Passage of Light will cover the nihilistic path of doom
And all the lost and petty Souls
Will walk the walk of the New Dawn