Δευτέρα, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2009


Infamy has walked in the fields of gold
Infirmity has painted the red streaks of life

Black sunny weathers rising in the East
Sanguine firmaments being born with no words

Locked up in the Universe a toddler’s laugh remains
Amongst the shadows a ray of Light awaits

All perished and weathered now make an Entrance
From paths Unknown the Silver souls play with Penitence

Oh, Beloved my Mother! Give thy aid to us….
Blow us up with courage’s Will and royalty’s Might

Τετάρτη, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Piece of Soul

Dive in the Alley
Empty thy Dark Luggage
Hope for another Hollow dream
Lock thy eyes for the Longing myth

No matter how deeply in love or out of love you might think you’ve fallen, it is merely your human vanity reflecting on the other person’s feelings. I felt this sadness…this emptiness in my fingers, this weakness in my knees. I felt the sadness of watching that someone, my someone, my potential someone, to stare into another’s eyes and light up…I felt this emptiness that asphyxiates me every time I want to utter words of romance, words of blasphemy, words of sweet illusion…every time I am tempted to honey my someone up, I encounter a glorious bolder and then….a cliff…my cliff…that tells me that HE is not mine…that tells me that no one will ever be mine…and that all the people who truly love me are unjustly away from me…

I hate this weakness in the knees…I hate this addiction of an imperfect nothingness…being strapped upon an empty island with no survival kit…I hate having to suffocating insidious jokes just to get by…I hate being angry in the injustice around me…I hate wanting…and not having…I hate being made to choose when I do not wish to…I hate being forced to act when I don’t want to…

My heart is half…one big part of it had to be sacrificed for survival…a big part of it had to be kept away for selfishness…my heart is half

“Women were not made to woo but to be wooed”…the fellow said. Women were made be toys in the puritanical ethics of the patriarchal society. They were made to be subjected to humiliation, degradation, lies, treason, adultery, betrayal…Women were made for the male’s sport…Nothing but to feast upon…Woman has conquered nothing since HER dawn…but controls everything human! I pity those who are unfortunate enough to exist in this era…for nothing will ever, nor ever, will change till this world is shuttered to pieces into the Divine unknown…

I long for a lover's touch to softly caress me in the wee hours…I long for my second psyche to stroke my mind in the eternal hours of my human life…someday all this will end…and I shall feel no more…

Τρίτη, 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Confession of an Aristocratic Whore

Confession of an Aristocratic Whore

Dismemberment of life
Grant of no grace in our gutters
Sedated happiness in unreal words
Pitiful kings lie in human secrets

Allegiance of a false power to govern us all
Unrest of a restored mob
Riots in the pavements of glory’s past
The age of miracle has long passed

Anarchy pours in the isles of greed
Retirement of unpassionate parades storm in
Balck petals flow in an ethnicity’s battlements
And a white tiger waits to rule, in sin!

Emerald stones will take their course
In power and lust they shutter mankind’s fall
My Charles, how loathsome thy shape has gone
Thy eternal youth in blood they yield below

Decapitation of the phony rat has come
A lonely council kneels in Divinity
Forgotten poison lurks between the alleys
A Father’s Love and a Son’s Pride

Why let be bygone be bygone for a low blow whistle
The affairs of the Crown are hanged for one whisky lust
A thirst of hedonism to rule my Rebels
The vowed Throne be filled with ashy treasures

My Bathory sulks in the corridors of Youth
Eyeing atrocities of guilt to decorate the rotten Truth
Defy the Glorious luxury of gilded cages
Bury this Puritanism in obscurity of negligence

To thee, dark spirit thy minions dwell
To thee, creation has humankind bled
Thy scheme has already be perceived
Thy Myth of Decadence shall eternally live!

Σάββατο, 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Dear Dark Stranger

Dear Dark Stranger,

We met but scattered moments and I instantly knew you were going to play a much more significant part in my life than I had hoped you would. Do not mistake this words for a mere personal vanity, but simply as an assessment of feelings ahead that should be trimmed down and put aside for the progression of our course. You represent everything I had wished I could avoid in coming back to my native land. However the carefree branch of your thoughts and actions, I must admit I found a great difficulty in accepting such an overwhelming idealism from a person who seeks to avoid so many experiences in life. You are swarmed by a light glow of darkness, an image which makes your sensitivity all the more appealing to my cynical views. No such words are to be uttered in public, as we are both very much aware that the situation cannot be helped, as it is not of a mutual point of view. I am sure that by now, you probably do not comprehend a word of what I so bashfully express on paper, but I shall try to be clearer; having battled with my mind and my heart, I have come to the conclusion that you could potentially make me fall…into an unwanted passionate love. This is not something I gracefully pursue, especially at this point in my life, as indeed life’s thrown me in a crossroads and being focussed on my future plans is of the utmost importance to me. Every person in their life is encircled by two things; their needs and their wants. I am your former in this instance. It is a great pity that most people do not take any great interest in their needs but instead they seek so passionately for their wants, which ultimately leads them to a dead-end. For me, unfortunately you are the latter. A want I cannot pursue at this point in my life, as indeed I embody vanity at this stage, since I am in search for professional progression. You, my dark stranger, embody a want I simply cannot pursue given my current situation. You are potentially everything I have so longed for, but which unfortunately arrived too little too late. A potentially great love that arrived at the wrong time, in the wrong place. My intentions are to keep things between us as is; be merely pleasant acquaintances and avoid any contraction of emotional interchange, as that would make matters all the more difficult and unpleasant for both parties. Indeed, in another world, we potentially might have been the mythic embodiment of a great long mad affair. We do know though, how myths turn out in this world¬; unwanted and filled with hatred for their “glorified” imagination. Such are the feelings battling inside me this period. No matter how much I long for attention and a sip of your lust to be directed to me, no matter if in my heart I know that what you require is patience and understanding, something which I could so willingly offer under different circumstances of course, no matter if you might be the single person in this god forsaken place who can make me believe again into something beautiful, even though all this can happen in a potential union of us, things will never unfold the way we hoped them to. That is our greatest tragedy; the possibility to live something so breathtakingly glorious but which will never happen because of human vanity and unnatural fear of jumping off the cliff called unknown.

Πέμπτη, 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

One once upon a night....

insanity within the battered heart
hatred eats the worms of a good life

bless me father for i have sinned
and yet kill me for tempation's within

the path is drawn
whether the winds will it or not

the time is nigh
for all must happen tonight

encourage me Bachchus so strong
to glorify my pleasure in the storm

heat up body of lust
forget family, dreams and all that

brother, my brother so young and so bold
i fear for the bond that grows in our cold

misty secrets in this dark paradise
creation of art dies in the night

what next steps am i suppose to follow now
how am i suppose not to bleed in the yellow snow?!