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"Man is Zero
His Strength is Zero
His Imagination is Zero
His Existence is Zero
HIS Wealth is Zero
The Glory and the Power
Beauty is Zero
Everything but a Dream and Shadows
Everything is Vainity!"

So I was on the bus to work this morning when I passed a garbage truck and I got thinking of the poem above. It
seems weird how garbage and the poem by one of the most remembered emperors of history can be related. But
they can because both show the vanity of human kind. The poem basically talks about all the earthly achievements
of humans and that everything that we do in this life is vain, for our actions will never match the godly ones and that
no matter how many luxuries we have in this life, all is but garbage. Man is vain by birth. From the moment we open
our eyes and we are shown all the 'goodies' of this world we are brought up to whorship and exalt everything material.
Our goodies are our surroundings and we think that the more 'goodies' we possess the more staisfaction we'll feel inside.
But why don't we ever feel it and the minute we buy our £200 shoes or our £500 watch within days we get bored of it
and consider it a garbage? Why do we forget that we spent endless hours at work, at a job we might hate (or not) and
then we go and literlly piss it all away in something that we know its going to quinch that craving we have deep down but
which will not feel the void. And thus ladies and gentleman, and the rest of you lot out there, we become even more
greedy, even more vain. Because we simply cannot be pleased. So, and if indeed what David wrote is true, if all is vain
in our world, in our earthly world, whether you believe in God or a power beyond or not, what is the point of it all?

I was reading a passage from the New Tastament the other night, which I had read a long time ago but had forgotten
about it and my mom reminded me of it; the passage is from a letter from the Corinithians B' and is called 'LOVE'.
The letter speaks of love; not just romantic love, but all kinds of love, love as a whole. It says that love should be
unselfish, should be pious and ready to accept and forgive the other person's wrongs(lover, child, mother, father,
friend, colleague etc). It says that love does not boast and is never envious, and that all that will be left in this world
for the centuries to come are three things; faith, hope and love, and Love is the strongest of them all.

Well I don't know about the rest of you, of what you think of the above passage but when my dad saw my mom
reading this he simply said 'my god you two are such romantics'. Like so many other people who might have read this
poem, I don't think he realized what the extract meant and simply thought that the piece was talking of the romantic love
and nothing beyong. But let's take this in another prespective; what is love? where is love? and why in our times is so
hard to find, to see on the streets, to feel it in our hearts, for our fellow human being. Why do we care more for our Rolex
and our Rolls Royce than we do for our elderly neighbour who is struggling to carry his groceries home? And if all our
achievements are vain, how are we suppose to achieve love, which goes beyond the man-made things of this world? Is it
all just theories and make-believe after all?

We definitely need a Maulder and Scally on this one 'cause it is one of the unsolvable mysterious questions of human
nature? I think that everythig around me is simply garbage, a load of crap; money, lies, aimless conversations,
unpassionate sexual encounters, 'shinny' materials which simply lose their glow after a few hours of their purchase.
Hypocricy, lies, backstabbing, rudeness, power struggle, a vast jungle. Animals are more civilized than we are.
At least they have respect for one another. What we have is greed and madness for the total nothingness!

So I can go on for hours and never reach a conclusion 'cause let's face it; this is a titanic subject. I will simply finish
with a poem by one of my favourite poets hoping that his optimism will preserve the faith, the hope and the love in
me to close my eyes to the blackness of this vain world, and open my heart to the light of another! I hope you will do
the same!
Ένα το Χελιδόνι

Ενα το χελιδόνι κι η άνοιξη ακριβή
για να γυρίσει ο ήλιος θέλει δουλειά πολλή
Θέλει νεκροί χιλιάδες να 'ναι στους τροχούς
Θέλει κι οι ζωντανοί να δίνουν το αίμα τους.

Θε μου Πρωτομάστορα μ' έχτισες μέσα στα βουνά
Θε μου Πρωτομάστορα μ' έκλεισες μες στη θάλασσα!

Πάρθηκεν από μάγους το σώμα του Μαγιού
Το 'χουνε θάψει σ' ένα μνήμα του πέλαγου
σ' ένα βαθύ πηγάδι το 'χουνε κλειστό
μύρισε το σκοτάδι κι όλη η άβυσσος

Θε μου Πρωτομάστορα μέσα στίς πασχαλιές και Συ
Θε μου Πρωτομάστορα μύρισες την Ανάσταση

A Solitary Swallow

Α SOLITARY SWALLOW and a costly spring,
For the sun to turn it takes a job of work,
It takes a thousand dead sweating at the wheels,
It takes the living also giving up their blood.

God my Master Builder, You built me into the mountains,
God my Master Builder, You enclosed me in the sea!

Magicians carried off the body of May,
They buried the body in a tomb of the sea,
They sealed it up in a deep well,
Its scent fills the darkness and all the Abyss.

God my Master Builder, You too among the Easter lilacs,
God my Master Builder, You felt the scent of Resurrection!

Τετάρτη, 25 Μαρτίου 2009

I am tired!

The reason being is the fact that I am surrounded by lies, taboos, hypocricy, fear, indiference and materials.
I hate people who praise and whorship money; their god! The god who will buy them into the most hip spots in the town, who will
buy them Gucci bags and Fendi watches, MaXfactor cosmetics and Prada perfumes. Dishonesty and identity cirisis rules here.
Welcome in the land of 'I-don't-have-a-clue-of-who-the-fuck-I-am-and-what-the-fuck-I'm-trying-to-do-with-my-life!". Instead of
doing that boring, and the oh! so mundane thing called, 'sou-searching', most people choose the sweet release of mindless nights out,
filled with booze, unrhythmic dancing and smoking, whilst at the same time trying to 'shack' up with their next 'love' victim.
Well maybe not so much love, as a one-off just because we are bored of explaining ourselves in the morning. "And who said
books and retro music and theatres are fun? My grandfather used to go to the theatre. Instead I'll chose my mindless drinking,
because if I don't drink when I go out with my mates, I am BOUND not to have fun! And I love my twenties, I love my life. Fuck
liver, and the rest of me. Hey! As the song says 'Live and Let Die!' right?" - Wrong! Newsflash people! Life will catch up on
you, and someday you'll wake thinking 'what the fuck was I thinking?', but by then you'll be 43 and alone.

Lies, taboos, love, sex and more lies. Boy meets Girl. Girl falls for Boy. Boy can't be bother to chase after Girl any more.
Girl gets frustrated and tells Boy to go f*** himself, athough what she really means is f*** me. Girl is devastated by Boy's
indifference. Girl and Boy hang out in the same group of friends. Girl is madly in love. Boy is simply passive, although he
secrety has a thing for Girl. Girl starts to psycho-analyze every possible word and gesture of Boy. Boy gets frustrated. Boy
becomes even more apathetic to the whole situtation. Girl and Boy caught up in the 'spider's web'. They lie, pretend, talk but
words hidden underneath the bullshit that their mouths utter. Boy and Girl are basically f***** up! And the question is: (as the
poet also asks) To speak the truth and be done with, or not to speak the truth and continue floating in the same bubble of lies,
and taboos?! Hey! The second option's probably easier. Let's do that! No wonder there's lack of communication in 'our
society'. There's no society because we simply are not following the term. Society comes from socialite which means ' the social'
aka people caring and speaking with one another. We simply have gone beyond the term. We might as well call this a no-speak-
to-anyone-planet! That'd be much more correct.

To the Girl; an advice. Stop freaking psycho-analyzing everything and go out and face the Boy. Tell him to get over himself and
be staight with you; is he interested or not? If the answer is yes, then tell him to f****** take initiative and take you as a man! If
the answer is no, then get over yourself (Girl). If the answer is a 'oh we can try open relationship, cause I don't want to settle just
yet', tell him "to stop being a f****** boy and take a risk. You don't ask for a ring. you ask for him, and if he isn't man enough to
do the same, then p*** off!"
To the Boy: a warning. If you don't get your fat, lazy ass and be a man and chase the Girl, like a proper male, the object of your
'lower-heart's' affection, then you are indeed the most sinfully boring being on this planet, and I truly believe that you'll desrve it
when you become 40 and you're still eating you're mommy's home made chicken pie. Man, was essentially created to 'chase' its
'pray', not to sit and wait for the 'pray' to come to him and say "here I am, please eat me!"

Why all this nonsense of not ever saying what we are really thinking? Of what we really, truly, deeply want to say? Why does
everyone succumb to the social norms? Are you that afraid of getting burned? You'll heal you know. Unless you jump, you
won't fall, and unless you fall you won't learn how it feels, and if you don't feel, you're dead, period! Just say what you want to
say; but a warning also applies here: do not speak aimlessly! It just won't serve! To Boys & Girls: process the words before they
pop outside that heavenly mouth of yours. Count your words wisely and speak your mind with respect. Be harsh, if you must,
but be harsh with elegance and style. That's called etiqette, and it's one of the things which makes us (humans) differ from dogs
and rats! Although, we are heading dangerously towards that direction.

Inspirational Speech (oh god one of those again!):
Why, oh why all this nonsence of being afraid of letting go of our parents wombs? F****** grow up and move out. Leave in
inconvinience and become an adult yourself. 'Cause my darlings, even if you inherit the multi-billion industry from your folks,
you're bound to come up on empty on either your emotions or your profession. Money don't last. But the self does. Plough yourself,your spirit, your heart, your mind and your entity, instead of jwelling your body with eartly treasures (aka cars, bags,
rings, watches, mobiles etc etc) Make money your means in life, and not your reason in life. Don't numb(booze) the pain which
is deep in your guts. It will come back again! I'm telling you, it will. Instead, heal it. Live with it. And make your peace with it. Don't
be afraid of the hard and difficult things in life, but be afraid of the ordinary and the boring things. They are far more
dangerous and fatal. Live for the moment, yes, but live it wisely, and with reason. Push yourself every day a bit more, and you'll
see every day you'll be more proud of yourself. Don't do things to prove yourself to anyone. And don't do things just because the
flow goes with it. Live outside your waters, and you'll see; some day you'll fly! Do things for yourself, and fight only for yourself.
And be fucking proud for it! Becuase lady luck helps the people who dare to fight and risk!

Κυριακή, 1 Μαρτίου 2009


How do you feel victim of your own heart and mind?

How do you leave behind all these images that encircled your past?

How do you walk away with the silence burning on your lips?

How do you feel when the wind blows on your ignored face?

Two steps and out of the cage

Close your eyes and burn your thoughts away

Love too closely and fall in the eternal trap

Love with wisdom and clever lock your own parts

Place a key for your own valuables

Put the three-headed dog to guard it day and night

And make it defend it like its jewels

But always learn when you love with that key in your head

Place your heart on the silver pedestal and not the gold

Make bad thoughts into a river of mud and wash the sadness off

Hide the misery with a hard smile and walk away with your two left feet

Blow the candles away and see the rainbows that fall on your feet.

Make love and forget the key

Keep it locked for that rainy day

And mind you pray that all will stay

As the priest told you on your eyes’ first day


Όπως ήρθα στη ζωή έτσι και θα φύγω

Μόνη τυλιγμένη με πράσινες και κόκκινες κορδέλες μες το χιόνι

Πες μου το πάλι πόσο μ’ αγαπάς

Κι’ ας είναι ψέμα από την καρδιά

Άστο δάκρυ να κάνει βόλτες στο σκοτάδι

Μιας και κόκκινο γέμισε το ποτάμι

Τυλίγομαι στις φλόγες του και πάλι

Μέσα στα κόκκινα νερά του

Μιας και δεν υπάρχει ζεστασιά

Για του ‘δάκρυ’ τη καρδιά

Δε θέλω να σκεφτώ τη νύχτα ετούτη πάλι

Μα πως ν’ αρνηθώ ξανά τι υπάρχει στο σκοτεινιασμένο μου κεφάλι

Πόσο να παλέψω ενάντια στο γαύγισμα σου

Που σα τσακάλι όλο ουρλιάζεις

Τα βράδια στ’ όνειρα μου


Like that, Like this

Just like that, just like this

My heart trembles on your knees

Eight months and some days

Till eyes of sparkle meet again

I thought I was dead and immune to your foreign call

But just like this, just like that

Everything again turned to cold

This time I will face the dragon alone

And fight his shadows which call

You’re still away but yet you long for that unexisted closeness inside

I thought I could, I thought I had, lost you

But just like that, just like this

Once more I’m on my knees

I have passed you and found myself through your ashes

But you’re resurrecting in me slowly

Just like sin into an unwanted pious cell

Leave! Leave, I say

Be gone, hard feeling and leave me behind

Take off thy mask and expose their grief

Your villainy and lechery,

Be gone from this tranquillity,

This peace that surrounds me

Be gone and look back no more

Just like this, just like that

Unveil your hideousness

And prove me right once more

Help me escape this dance you’ve put me in

And make me sit silent and immobile

I loved your past, so long ago

I fear to meet your present, now here I go

And long to taste your future, alone

Agonizing, this wait it is

Agonizing and painful to discover thee, again

But just like that, just like this

I’ll arm myself and defeat the feeling

That brings my bosom down and makes me still

For truly now, there’s you without me

As it always was and is

Just like that, just like this!


So here we meet again,

In a room full of glitter and glamour

The smiles shone away in the midst

And everyone was filled with gaiety and fervour

I didn’t tremble on my knees

As I’d expected such a deed

But yet I hoped for one single moment still

To see your truth in front of me

You’re still in possession of a lustrous sin

And I could not be jealous nor sad

But all I wished for your was a happy heart

(One moment full of anxt and passion

Filled with edge and reluctance)

Words filled with nonsense but something underneath

And now I left you to your needs

The wants rarely come in this life

To me it was denied to wish after them

The forbidden and the sin within

I only approached it once, in those dreams

Which always reflect thy “feels”!

Δε θα σε σκεφτώ άλλο πια

Έχω αρχίσει να μαζεύω τα γυαλιά

Από τη θρυμματισμένη μου καρδιά